Special Souvenir Issue under the 40th Anniversary Celebration

Every anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate and fame, but not all anniversaries are created equal. ITPSL going to celebrate its 40th year of excellence in 2022, under the theme of “facing the future with confidence”.

Accordingly, ITPSL introduced several souvenirs in memory of the 40th anniversary of the ITPSL. Let’s shop and celebrate the 40th anniversary of ITPSL together. Items will be available for self-collection at the ITPSL Secretariat or could be arranged courier service to deliver (courier charges are applicable).

Item Description: Polo T-shirt with embroidery; fabric – 80% Bangkok cotton pk 220 gsm

Available Sizes: Both Ladies and Gents can select as per Unisex Size Chart

Price: Rs. 1250.00

Item Description: Cap with Embroider Logo

Price: Rs. 500.00

Item Description: Men’s Tie

Price: Rs. 550.00

Item Description: Laptop Sticker

Price: Rs. 200.00

Item Description: Gold Colour Metal Brooch

Price: Rs. 1450.00

Purchasing available by packages as well on discounted prices

Description List of Items List of Items Cost per Package Discounted Price
Package 1: Corporate and Fellow Members Gents T-shirt, Cap, Tie 2300.00 2100.00
Ladies T-shirt, Cap, Brooch 3200.00 3000.00
Package 2: Associate Members Gents T-shirt, Cap, Tie, Laptop Sticker 2500.00 2250.00
Ladies T-shirt, Cap, Laptop Sticker 1950.00 1700.00
Package 3: Student Members Gents T-shirt, Cap, Laptop Sticker 1950.0 1650.00

Note. Reservations are available upon payment of full amount for discounted packages

Visit ITPSL WEB SITE to reserve your orders

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