Membership & Disciplinary Matters Committee

Duties of the Membership & Disciplinary Matters Committee

  • Review the membership criteria and make a recommendation to the Council for any amendments to the procedure for enrolment of members to different categories responding to changing context of the profession.
  • Evaluation of membership applications for different categories of memberships as per the criteria and regulatory provisions and make recommendations to the Council for the award of respective memberships.
  • Review the membership application procedure and recommend necessary amendments if required to improve the processes and communications.
  • Make recommendations to streamline membership records and publishing the membership directory once every two years.
  • Responsible to ensure professional ethics and compliance with the code of conduct by the members. Any disciplinary matters referred to the Council shall be investigated and make recommendations for follow-up action. A disciplinary committee chaired by fellow members of the Institute shall be appointed on the recommendation of the PAB.
  • Reviewing the Logbook

Officials of the MDMC

Plnr. Kishan Sugathapala

Plnr. Anurudha Wijeyakumara

Plnr. Hemal Lakpethum

Plnr.(Prof) Sampath Hemakumara

Plnr. Prasanna Wijetunga

Plnr. Kokila Sooriyagoda

Plnr. W.G.W. Gnanatheepan

Plnr. Pujitha Ranawaka

Plnr. Lahiru Prabath