We the TOWN PLANNERS of ITPSL are committed to working with other allied
professionals and government institutions to contribute voluntarily to working out solutions to overcoming the crisis and establishing long term stability of our



The Institute of Town Planners Sri Lanka (ITPSL) was established in 1982 and incorporated under the provisions of Parliament Act No 23 of 1986 is the professional body responsible for enhancing the Town Planning Profession in Sri Lanka.

The Institute was brought into existence to promote the profession of Town & Country Planning in Sri Lanka and to enhance the standard of the profession in the country in keeping with global trends and developments in this field.

The Institute also plays a lead role in expressing its professional opinion on matters, directly and indirectly, concerned with the urban and regional development of Sri Lanka and has offered its advice and services to the Government, Semi-Government Institutions, and Provincial and Local Authorities.

How we reached this crisis and how can we get out of it ?. An unbiased and detailed analysis.

'How we reached this crisis and how can we get out of it ?'- An unbiased and detailed analysis that I shared with a group of professionals. If you watch till the end, you may get a fairly good understanding of what happrned, expressed motives, what went wrong, missed opportunities, delayed decisions short term and long term solutions. But please note that these are only my personal views and you are free to make your own assessment having listened to the complete speech. Speech delivered at the 40th Anniversary of the Institute Of Town Planners Sri Lanka on 26.03.2022

Posted by Nalaka Godahewa on Saturday, March 26, 2022



The Institute of Town Planners’ Sri Lanka (ITPSL) established the young planners’ forum of Sri Lanka (YPF) in 2004, which is the unique affiliated body of the institute that provide professional guidance to the upcoming planning graduates and young planners who are the future strength of national planning development.