Institute of Town Planners Sri Lanka won the APP Social Innovation Challenge 2021

Launched by ADPC

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC), through its Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP) program, organized the Innovation Conclave, where local innovators had a chance to pitch their innovative ideas for disaster risk management.

The Consultancy Unit, affiliated with the Board of Resource Management of the ITPSL has submitted a Proposal to establish An Innovative Urban Simulation Centre. This proposal consists of the following;

  1. Urban Scenario Gamification Platform: This gamification center will be a virtual gaming field that provides continuously updated information, potential and threat identification and scenario development by the development agencies and the community participant.
  2. EOC-Clone: An Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Clone will be installed in the ITPSL to train the stakeholders to enhance the coping capacities during the disaster period and provide technicalities. The unit will enhance the coping capacity of the local authorities and relevant agencies, and the communities to manage the disaster environment.
  3. Smart information lobby: This will be established in the ITPSL headquarters along with an exhibition area where the relevant information on the use of the gaming field and good practices will be showcased. . This will be managed and funded by the ITPSL as an integrated part of its corporate social responsibility.
  4. Smart web apps and gaming apps: Social media application and smart phone-based applications will be developed to have access and to use the gaming platform. This will enable sharing information on planning, development and disaster risk situations. People can directly engage with this social media platform and get information related to planning decisions, development projects, disasters, early warnings, etc.

Accordingly, the above proposal submitted by the Consultancy Unit of the ITPSL is declared as one of the winners of this challenge. This project will be implemented for 6 month period from November 2021. The consultancy Unit of the ITPSL is expecting to organize several interesting competitions among members under this project in near future.