Don’t let self-doubt hold you back! Learn practical tools of the trade that market your skills and
knowledge and allow others to see your true professional value.


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Corporate and Fellow Members of the ITPSL will gain a Credit value of 0.5 Per Hour. (Maximum of 1.0 Credit).

Breaking into the job market, or even progressing in one’s career can often be a daunting task in
today’s the difficult job market. Planners at all levels, from recent graduates to career professionals will often feel the opportunities for career development are limited in the planning field; or that they don’t have the required skills and/or confidence to break through invisible barriers. Fortunately, this cannot be further from the truth! There are a vast array of job opportunities in urban planning in both the public & private sectors, as well as the international development field. But these opportunities can only be exploited by those with the skills and tools to do so. This workshop is designed to provide participants with the knowledge of what employers are looking for when hiring and promoting employees; and provide the basic tools to market themselves and their skills, to meet those expectations, and how to distinguish themselves with Unique Selling Points (USPs). As qualified planners, participants already have the knowledge, skills, experience, and motivation to achieve their career goals. The workshop aims to provide some practical tools that will enable them to showcase their true potential.

Programme Objectives:

  • To provide a practical understanding of what employers expect, and what they are looking for when hiring and promoting employees.
  • To provide participants the tools to tailor their skills to meet employers expectations and market themselves in the most effective way.
  • To motivate the audience to achieve their goals and to showcase their true potential.

Target Group:

Interested members of ITPSL


Identifying career interest and setting career goals
  • Career goals: understanding career interest, how to set SMART career goals, tips for making long-term and short-term plans to achieve career goals, and cultivating best practices for career growth.
  • Job Search/progression: How to identify job opportunities that match your skills, fields of interest & career goals, and how to screen your job search/career development accordingly.
Marketing your skills and knowledge
  • CV & Cover letter: How to develop your CV and Cover letter to get noticed, and how to tailor it to match the requirements of the position you are applying for.
  • Job Interviews: How to prepare for an interview, how to dress and behave at job interviews, How to create a good first impression, tips on interview etiquette and the do’s & don’ts, How to market yourself and your skills the right way, and how to negotiate salaries and benefits
Building soft/intangible skills to improve Employability & Professionalism
  • Developing Essential Skills: An introduction to cross-cutting soft skills that are essential in any work environment, how to showcase them and build them for greater career success, including Leadership skills, Teamwork skills, and communication skills.
  • Developing Professional Attitudes: Introducing key attributes and traits for long term career growth, including building a strong work ethic, professional integrity, fostering positive attitudes, Flexibility, and adaptability
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A duly filled online application form should be submitted on or before 2nd July 2021 along with a copy of the deposit slip of the registration fee. Click Here

Registration fee Payments shall be made to account number 0002350014 of Bank of Ceylon, Hyde Park in favor of Institute of Town Planners Sri Lanka or use online payment system of the ITPSL (bank charges may apply). Click Here

Registration Fees:

  • Associate, Corporate and Fellow members – Rs. 1000.00 ( PAY NOW)
  • Student members – Rs. 500.00 (PAY NOW)

Attendance / Certificates

In order to successfully complete the CPD Event and obtain e-certificates, participants must meet the following requirements.

  • Participants must indicate the registered name with the membership number on the
  • Participants must attend the program at least 80% of the total time.
  • Participants must complete and submit a feedback form after the program.


Jul 03 2021


9:00 am - 11:00 am




Center for Urban and Regional Planning
[email protected]


  • Dr. (Eng.) Ranil Sugathadasa

    Senior Lecturer, Department of Transport & Logistics Management, University of Moratuwa. Motivation and Mindset Mastery Expert | Management & Leadership Trainer | Transformational Coach.

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