Establishment of Media Unit of ITPSL

The Council’s approval has been granted to establish a Media Unit for the Institute of Town Planners Sri Lanka. The Media Unit will be established as a sub-unit of the Research & Publication Standing Committee of the ITPSL. The overall goal of the Media Unit is to handle the media affairs of the ITPSL and to streamline all media activities. Having an equipped Media Unit for the Institute will enable the effective channelling of the Institute’s expert services as well as the professional views to the public through social, broadcasting and print media. At the same time, it will enable effective communication of the stand of the Institute in overall related to the Town Planning profession.

Specific objectives of the Media Unit are;

  • To make a positive impact on the society by communicating the professional view of Town Planners
  • To gain the attention of the media, public and political parties to the town planning profession
  • To intervene and guide the society in circumstances where the professional view of Town Planners is needed.
  • To enhance the services of town planners to the society
  • To communicate the educational and professional practice related to town planning in Sri Lanka to global planning communities

The key benefits of having a Media Unit for ITPSL are;

  • Management of media content of the ITPSL on a single platform; this will ensure the consistency of media published through different channels
  • Professional handling of social media channels
  • A platform where the membership can jointly work to focus, organize, frame, publish and manage the collective view of the ITPSL as well as the educational and professional practice related content
  • A platform for members to enhance their digital media, communication, creative and journalism skills

The Media Unit will have a designated team to handle all the media affairs of the Institute. The Media Team will be comprised of Fellow, Corporate, Associate and Student Members of ITPSL who have expertise, experience and interest to play the following media roles: Content Writers, (Social) Media Reporters, Announcers (English, Sinhala & Tamil), Voice Artists, Photographers, Videographers, Graphic Designers, Video Editors, Animators, Web Designers and a Content Reviewing Team. The activities of the Media Unit will be coordinated by two Media Unit Co-coordinators.

The interested members are invited to join the media unit by forwarding the CV along with a covering letter stating the interested role to the email address: [email protected].